My Neighbor, Sam Adams

Some of you might know that I am blessed to live in spitting distance of the Samuel Adams Brewery Complex in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  This comes in handy any time a friend, family member or random guy off the street visits and wants to see the sights of my ‘hood.  Lucky for us, tours are free (and the leaders are always fantastic, avid beer-enthusiasts, like myself) and each includes three small glasses of Sam Adams finest.  While I haven’t made it to a tour since the beginning of the summer, I have continued to support the local brand at bars and liquor stores all over the greater Northeast.

Of course, I’ve already had my fair share of the Octoberfest that has been out for about a month now (and is officially my favorite of Sam’s seasonal beers), but today, I decided to try something new: Sam Adams’ Brewmaster’s Collection Coastal Wheat.  It is the newest addition to this series of Sam (first announced back in July).  Similar to other wheat beers (Harpoon UFO, Blue Moon, etc.), this tangy concoction boasts lots of lemony flavor (possibly too much)…really – no need to add extra fruit.  It’s a solid, classic wheat beer…less sweet than Blue Moon, perhaps a little smoother than the UFO (which I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not).   Try it for yourself, and let me know what you think.  It’s great to be back!  Cheers!


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