Hi all! I’m Cate and I live, work and play in Boston, Mass.

I started this blog in college for a digital media class (risky, I know – who blogs about beer for a grade?) and have kept posting since graduation. I want to write about something I like and that I have a genuine interest in (beer, Boston, bars, etc.). I also love all things Irish, and reference my time spent there often. I have great friends and family. Feel free to say hello or suggest a post topic or beer for me to try! Cheers!


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  1. Phil LoPiccolo

    Hi Cate,

    I’m a good friend of Ted Chaloner and he referred me to your blog. I too am passionate about beer and work in the media; I’ve been working in radio for 25 years from Boston to Connecticut and now in Rhode Island. Ted is aware of my crazy idea to open a brewpub in Foster, RI (the town where I live with my wife and kids) and some of my beer-related “sidebars” that I’ve been talking about for the better part of the last few years. That and the fact that I’m in radio is probably why he gave me your link. If you want to talk beer or the media, I still have some connections up that way, feel free to shoot me a note!



  2. brewnette

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for reading! Ted told me about your microbrew-aspiration and I am all for it! Would love to chat sometime soon. I’m in the midst of graduating from BU and trying to figure out life beyond that, but if you are ever in the Boston area and would like to grab some coffee (or a beer), let me know!

  3. Phil LoPiccolo

    Cool! Trader Joe’s coming to Rhode Island in October…woo hoo!


  4. Hi Cate, Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Very Flattering!! In turn you have been added to mine.

    Great site by the way. Love your stories of Ireland (I’ve been twice), and your reviews.

    Good luck and congratulations on the pending graduation.

  5. brewnette

    Of course! Your blog helped with my homebrewing post. I hope to try to brew my own brew (or at least try to) sometime in the near future. LOVE your photo on your blog – top of the Guinness Factory, right? Thanks for reading, and for the congratulations.

  6. This is a great blog. I’m trying to do the same thing pretty much, but unfortunately I’m a horrible writer. Haha, oh well. Cheers!

  7. brewnette

    Hey Chris! Thanks for reading! I just checked out your blog and thought it was great. Horrible writer, haha, not at all. Sounds like you have the Brighton Bars pretty figured out. I want to make it over there one of these weekends. Let me know what is the best place to visit. Thanks!!

  8. Haha, yeah, I guess I do have Brighton figured out. I need to venture out more. You should go to Brighton Center one night and hit up Devlin’s, Green Briar, and Porter Belly’s. Three very unique bars right next to each other.

  9. Hi Cate,

    I don’t know if you’re interested at all but if you or any of your friends like Trivia Nights, Lansdowne Pub is starting one on Feb. 27! If you want more information here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/events/271840406222864/

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